The Alamillo Park - Seville (Spain)

Guadalquivir's riverside from the Alamillo Bridge Alamillo Bridge

The Alamillo park is part of the legacy from the Universal Exhibition in 1992. It has an ampliation project to extend it between the two branches of the Guadalquivir river.

Alamillo Park
Alamillo Park and Bridge

The Alamillo Bridge seen from the Alamillo Park and the artificial lake.

Alamillo Park Alamillo Park
Alamillo ParkAlamillo Park

The photographs of the Alamillo Park were taken in the 2004 winter.

Alamillo Park Alamillo Park
Expo'92 from Alamillo BridgeExpo'92

Aerial view of the Cartuja Isle in Seville, where the Universal Exhibition in 1992 (Expo'92) took place.

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